ADDM Appliance cannot start, tomcat freeze

This problem happend with me after host with ADDM was unexpectedly.

After startup system can not load tomcat end stucks on it like:

For now I am not sure where problem is and how to catch it, logs does not say anything, or maybe I still not found THAT log. So, the fastest way to get ADDM to work:

Load in your appliance from livecd

To to init.d and move file in any safety place

Load into ADDM host without starting tideway services

Then move previously copied to it’s own place and run:

You probably can see that tomcat does not start still, but now you can cancel it and after run:

This will try to start all services which not started yet, and may start tomcat also.

This guide does not fix the problem, in the next reboot or appliance restart this shitty tomcal will freeze again, twis guide is just to force run ADDM.



Just like this magic looks:




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