Gjango, Pycharm – static files Windows

This topic for those who broke his mind trying to understand how to make Pycharm run Django with static files I’ve made it, but be carefull it can break your mind too!

The settings

I use the most portable way to configure settings – so I can move it into centos web server without paths changes Win\Unix (I HOPE). There are common DIRs

Looks like ot works, but in really weird way:

  • static files are working fine
  • web page as template is loading
  • some scc and js are loading and some are not

Working css:

In works in different ways – this is one of them which I think correct.

In HTML code:



Working js:

The weird stuff happened:



Loaded: But: So in both situations static files ARE loaded but with different variables in HTML code and some was unsuccessful. There are ALL other situations which SHOULD work in different condtitions BUT it doesn’t!

Not Working:


  In WEB: Static JS have different situation: In HTML:

Trying everything but still no luck.  


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