Perforce – Windows start investigation and install

Perforce is a commercial, proprietary revision control system developed by Perforce Software, Inc.

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Perforce requires at least two executables: the Perforce service (p4d), and at least one Perforce application (such as p4 on UNIX, orp4.exe on Windows).

The Perforce service and applications are available from the Downloads page on the Perforce web site:

Go to the web page, select the files for your platform, and save the files to disk.


Windows installation is very easy.

Config files and settings can be found and modified:


Enabling structured logging

To enable structured logging, set the serverlog.file.N configurable(s) to the name of the file. Valid names for structured log files and the commands used to set them are shown in the following table.
Note that enabling all structured logging files can consume considerable diskspace. See Structured logfile rotation for information on how to manage the size of the log file and the number of log rotations.

All loggable events (commands, errors, audit, etc…)

Command events (command start, compute, and end)

Error events (errors-failed, errors-fatal)

Audit events (audit, purge)

Command tracking (track-usage, track-rpc, track-db)

User events; one record every time a user runs p4 logappend.

Server events (startup, shutdown, checkpoint, journal rotation, etc.)

Major events that occur during replica integrity checking.

This also can be used for Linux version of P4

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