Django, Apache2, Sublime Text 3 build system and developing process.

At first be sure that you are using this path to run pure apache: This topic for those who wants to develop ON THE FLY with python and django and do not want to manually restart dev server each time when code changes AND you don’t like built in python web-server and want to run your dev site as itShort Read more —>

Oh my gosh BACULA config

Recently finished bacula config and run first one successfully! I’m really do not understand now, why does this tool have a complicated system with batch of daemons and modules. For my opinion, backup tool just should know from where to wherever make a backup and how often. But for further usage and remember this config, I’ll add it here.   IsShort Read more —>

Install Bacula on debian systems

Failed to load the database DBI driver SQLite at ./ line 45 Based on:Быстрый_стартруководство_по_ubuntu_server/резервное_копирование/bacula The main problem was: Failed to load the database DBI driver SQLite at ./ line 45 this ultra fast fix can help:

You can install any needed module based on SQL you use: MySQL, PostrgeSQL etc. Read more —>


Сука, истина в последней инстанции! Только что полтора часа провозился с MySql после Power Failure —  слетела база юзеров, чинил, флашил — нихуя не помогало, ровным счетом нихуяшечки! Спасибо, блять, дебиану с его ебаной старой как мир Mysql 5.5… Так вот, я вдруг вспомнил, что делал когда-то бекапы по расписанию, и О БОЖЕ ЧТО ЭТО!!!!Адин-адин111 Полный бекап базочки даже сShort Read more —>

How to install Oracle WebLogic Server

All from:   How to install Oracle WebLogic Server I am using Oracle VirtualBox with the Oracle Technology Network Developer Day — Hands-on Database Application Development lab. I am going to use Weblogic Server and Oracle REST Data Services (formerly known as: APEX listener). In this article I will describe the WebLogic installation. First I download WLS on myShort Read more —>

From vmdk to vhd

StarWind V2V Image Converter VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client Very useful: Read more —>

python script as centos service

Task completed! I made a vkontakte Bot which delete all comments are not from group members! But I do not want to run it by cron, because it will SPAM all my system with cron emails. But I found resolution: make a allow worker to run delete scripts on time periods add worker as centos service have fun! Maybe laterShort Read more —>

Centos 7 extend volume

One more guide which help me to save nerves. Part from it: Increasing the logical volume We use the pvcreate command which creates a physical volume for later use by the logical volume manager (LVM). In this case the physical volume will be our new /dev/sda3 partition.

In order to get around this you can either reboot, orShort Read more —>

How to convert an OVA virtual machine to VHD

This is «How to convert an OVA virtual machine to VHD» guide link My approve for this guide, it’s worked: How to convert an OVA virtual machine to VHD     Related Images: Read more —>

Django + Python3.4 + Mysql(MariaDB)

Just hint for future me:

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