Django + apache2 + mod_wsgi

This is conf file to allow apache run Django applications.

Use these links: Don’t forget to use correct IPs – domains, and addresses. Especially if proxy pass is used.     Read more…

Allow Apache run python scripts

This is a simple ex. to allow apache run .py

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ADDM Comunity Edition install and configure

Here I’ll describe how to install and configure ADDM – Atrium Discovery and dependency Mapping virtual appliance and allow it to run as I want it to run. You can request a free trial on bmc site and they will email you link where you can find virtual appliances.   Tasks are: change root password allow ‘root’ – to log in from everywhere and do anything disable SElinux disable ipv6 proto disable firewall add custom IP, not DHCP allow ftp into appliance install webmin for addm aplliance for easy manage use custom port for UI http note: sometimes apache proxy to multiple addm on port 80 – can produce UI errors. I do not know how handle it, even afterShort Read more…

PostgreSQL first run

This is the most common issue for PostgreSQL first run in Linux env: configure the server to allow TCP/IP connections postgresql server it can produce PostgeSQL cannot connect to database host Here I’ll show how to fix it before you struggle with firewall and ports: I’ve found ot here: 17.3. Starting the Database Server and How Do I Enable remote access to PostgreSQL database server? My situation:

add the string:

with my range and next config:

add the string:

After that restart the service:

also you can use an old ‘service postgresql restart’

And here it is:

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Can’t create plan: Table ‘bamboo_db.NOTIFICATIONS’ doesn’t exist RESOLVED

An issue with clean install Bamboo + MySQL Can’t create plan: Table ‘bamboo_db.NOTIFICATIONS’ doesn’t exist RESOLVED This is log cut:

Too complex log, but all I understand from it – the needed table cannot be created in MySQL. So I’ll try to make it manually:

And it works! UPD: Suggestion from: Peter J. Kootsookos trianglesis • BTW: It didn’t work: I couldn’t add notifications to another build. I asked on the Atlassian forums and they suggested: That CREATE table script is wrong, it creates 4 unique indices instead of one but over multiple columns. Drop them and run: ALTER TABLE bamboo.NOTIFICATIONS ADD UNIQUE INDEX notifications_unique (RECIPIENT_TYPE ASC, RECIPIENT ASC, NOTIFICATION_SET ASC, CONDITION_DATA ASC, CONDITION_KEY ASC);      Short Read more…

Installation Perforce Helix Proxy

From here Download here Installation on Windows Just using installer: Invalid Displayed Gallery Windows evidence:

And looks like there is nothing different with p4d.exe in logic. As service:

  Installation on Centos from guide: To install P4P on UNIX or Linux, do the following: Download the p4p executable to the machine on which you want to run the proxy. Select a directory on this machine (P4PCACHE) in which to cache file revisions. Select a port (P4PORT) on which p4p will listen for requests from Perforce applications. Select the target Perforce server (P4TARGET) for which this proxy will cache. And:

to start Proxy use this example:



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Заводим питончика дома или установка Python на Centos 6

Хороший гайд здесь: How to install Python 2.7.6 on CentOS 6.3 (6.2 and 6.4 okay too, probably others) stolen from Daniel Eriksson. Thanks Daniel! (modified a little) CentOS 6.2 ships with Python 2.6.6 and depends on that specific version. Be careful not to replace it or bad things will happen. If you need access to a newer version of Python you must compile it yourself and install it side-by-side with the system version. Here are the steps necessary to install Python 2.7.6. Execute all the commands below as root. Either log in as root temporarily or use sudo. Install development tools In order to compile Python you must first install the development tools:

You also need a fewShort Read more…

Redmine update 3.0.1

Redmine Update Great, there is a new Redmine 3.0.1 published! Changelog: How to update: (RU) Difficulties: Bad Update Some plugins can produce error like: My lost plugins: redmine_digest global_roles redmine_ckeditor (update found) redmine_people hooks_manager redmine_issue_checklist (update found) Also it has another warning I can’t figure out still:

If anybody can show me where does this require – I’ll change. But this is not urgent as I see.  Conclusion: This new Redmine 3 version is compatible only with itself – all needed plugins are lost and new versions work bad or lost at all. So I’ve revert it. You can update to 3 only if you use clean install. Read more…

The conclusion after migration VMvsHyperV

So, what can I say before migration. First day looks good, nothing leaks, all services works as expected, have some additional configuration for MAC addresses etc. During migration I’ve accidentally lost one system disk for one of my VM and photos backup disk, but this is not an issue, because all important stuff have more then one backup. First expression about Hyper-V – it’s more thrifty to system resources, I’m still tuning it to make my vms run smoothly but this is the first thing I saw. Then, Hyper-V has a good mgmt console for all my needs, I have a small env. so I do not need an HUGE MGMT-VM to host vCenterServer because new VM ver. cannot beShort Read more…

Get Acess to VMFS from Windows (Vmplayer+Centos6)

Required: Above May not work. So make a VMplayer VM with ESXi installation and mound physical disk where VMFS present. This is the biggest technical perversion I’ve ever did: There are: VmWare Vmplayer + ESXi mounted IDE disks with VMFS bridged network vSphereClient added datastores added NFS datastore to host where vmplayer runs (thought it were faster then just download) Windows Server 2012 NFS role and share enought space Invalid Displayed Gallery Bad method. Spent to much time. On the host where you installed Windows 2012 (for example) and where HDD with ESXI disks is mounted install one of this Hyper-V role vmware player Then create new virtual machine and install ESXi on it, just any trialShort Read more…