ADDM Comunity Edition install and configure

Here I’ll describe how to install and configure ADDM — Atrium Discovery and dependency Mapping virtual appliance and allow it to run as I want it to run. You can request a free trial on bmc site and they will email you link where you can find virtual appliances.   Tasks are: change root password allow ‘root’ — to logShort Read more —>

ADDM Appliance cannot start, tomcat freeze

This problem happend with me after host with ADDM was unexpectedly. After startup system can not load tomcat end stucks on it like:

For now I am not sure where problem is and how to catch it, logs does not say anything, or maybe I still not found THAT log. So, the fastest way to get ADDM to work: LoadShort Read more —>

ADDM Stopping Reasoning service

ADDM can stuck on reloading. This doesn`t help: Before ADDM 8.2 you will need to restart reasoning directly: tw_svc_reasoning —daemon stop tw_svc_reasoning —daemon start  From ADDM 8.2 it is possible to do this in a single step: sudo /sbin/service tideway restart reasoning  But this does:

Found here: Based on: Related Images:

addm 10 apache

Решил поставить себе триалку ADDM по работе, как водится прокинул проксю через вебсервер: И на тебе, половина линков дает ошибку 400: Bad Post Request

  Кто мне скажет че это, что ни рыл, ничего толкового не смог найти.     Related Images: Read more —>