Atlassian Confluence REST API Making request and keep the session (Eng)

In this topic I’ll show you how to make session to Atlassian Confluence with python requests and keep it in memory. Based on: Python requests module: At first you should know and understand how requests works, basically. Check how your confluence works: Next — you should know the point, where is your Confluence server make authorisation,Short Read more —>

Atlassian Confluence REST API Logic structure (Eng)

Read this article after you know how to make REST API request to Atlassian Confluence! This topic will show you some part of internal scheme of Confluence API and hierarchy. Based on: So, looking on the Confluence docs all this scheme looks like well-structured logical system, but it has some difficulties, just as for me. Before youShort Read more —>

Atlassian Confluence REST API (Eng)

How to work with REST API Confluence. Rus What is this topic about? API structure in Atlassian Confluence. Objects, files, relations etc. How to compose API request in Atlassian Confluence? How to open session and hold it on — ! Making headers with requests and — json ! Send a file or file content with wiki markup on Confluence —Short Read more —>

Atlassian Confluence REST API

Как работать с REST API Confluence. Eng  О чем этот топик? Структура API в системе Confluence. Объекты, файлы, статьи, родство и проч. Формирование запроса(адреса) в API Confluence Открытие сессии и удержание её в памяти — ! Формирование заголовков при помощи модуля requests и — json ! Отправка файла, содержания файла, вики-разметки на сервер Confluence — ! Интерпретируем ответы от сервера Что такое Atlassian Confluence выShort Read more —>