Installation Perforce Helix Proxy

From here Download here Installation on Windows Just using installer: Invalid Displayed Gallery Windows evidence:

And looks like there is nothing different with p4d.exe in logic. As service:

  Installation on Centos from guide: To install P4P on UNIX or Linux, do the following: Download the p4p executable to the machine on which you want to run the proxy. Select a directory on this machine (P4PCACHE) in which to cache file revisions. Select a port (P4PORT) on which p4p will listen for requests from Perforce applications. Select the target Perforce server (P4TARGET) for which this proxy will cache. And:

to start Proxy use this example:



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Helix Perforce – the name has changed and that`s all for now

Overview Perforce is a commercial, proprietary revision control system developed by Perforce Software, Inc. The Perforce server manages a central database and a master repository of file versions. Perforce supports both Git clients and clients that use Perforce’s own protocol. A Git client can communicate with the Perforce server over SSH or HTTPS, and other Perforce clients communicate with the server via TCP/IP using a proprietary RPC and streaming protocol. Users submit changed files together in changelists, which are applied as atomic commits. The Perforce database is proprietary, preconfigured, and self-installed. It stores system-related metadata (file state, file attributes, branching and merging history, changelists, change descriptions, users, groups, labels, etc.). Files are identified by namespace (i.e., by OS-neutral filenames). FileShort Read more…