For list of dicts: merge same key values, sum another diff. values, count each merge iteration +1 Python

If anybody can help me with some task? I have list of dicts(or tuples), where: if tuples:

or can be converted to dict like:

comment_id — is always unique and cannot meet twice in this list, user_id — is not unique for this list, it can be there as much times as comments were left in the setShort Read more —>

Шпаргалки для Python 3

Сохранил себе, даю и вам. Всякие мудаки в интернете по линкам на эти гайды делают редирект на свои грязные сайты. PDF — внизу: memento python 3 — russian memento python 3 english KeyMap for Pycharm PyCharm_ReferenceCard   Read more —>