Can’t create plan: Table ‘bamboo_db.NOTIFICATIONS’ doesn’t exist RESOLVED

An issue with clean install Bamboo + MySQL Can’t create plan: Table ‘bamboo_db.NOTIFICATIONS’ doesn’t exist RESOLVED This is log cut:

Too complex log, but all I understand from it – the needed table cannot be created in MySQL. So I’ll try to make it manually:

And it works! UPD: Suggestion from: Peter J. Kootsookos trianglesis • BTW: It didn’t work: I couldn’t add notifications to another build. I asked on the Atlassian forums and they suggested: That CREATE table script is wrong, it creates 4 unique indices instead of one but over multiple columns. Drop them and run: ALTER TABLE bamboo.NOTIFICATIONS ADD UNIQUE INDEX notifications_unique (RECIPIENT_TYPE ASC, RECIPIENT ASC, NOTIFICATION_SET ASC, CONDITION_DATA ASC, CONDITION_KEY ASC);      Short Read more…