ADDM Appliance cannot start, tomcat freeze

This problem happend with me after host with ADDM was unexpectedly. After startup system can not load tomcat end stucks on it like:

For now I am not sure where problem is and how to catch it, logs does not say anything, or maybe I still not found THAT log. So, the fastest way to get ADDM to work: Load in your appliance from livecd To to init.d and move file in any safety place Load into ADDM host without starting tideway services Then move previously copied to it’s own place and run:

You probably can see that tomcat does not start still, but now you can cancel it and after run:

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ADDM Stopping Reasoning service

ADDM can stuck on reloading. This doesn`t help: Before ADDM 8.2 you will need to restart reasoning directly: tw_svc_reasoning –daemon stop tw_svc_reasoning –daemon start  From ADDM 8.2 it is possible to do this in a single step: sudo /sbin/service tideway restart reasoning  But this does:

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