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ADDM Stopping Reasoning service

ADDM can stuck on reloading.

ADDMrestart ADDM_500 This doesn`t help: Before ADDM 8.2 you will need to restart reasoning directly:

tw_svc_reasoning --daemon stop tw_svc_reasoning --daemon start 

From ADDM 8.2 it is possible to do this in a single step:

sudo /sbin/service tideway restart reasoning 

But this does:

[root@addm sbin]# sudo /sbin/service tideway restart
Stopping local Tideway application services
Stopping Application Server service: Could not stop 'process', pid file '/usr/tideway/var/tw_appserver.pid' missing.
Stopping Reports service: [ OK ]
Stopping Tomcat: [ OK ]
Stopping Reasoning service: [ OK ]
Stopping CMDB Sync (Transformer) service: [ OK ]
Stopping CMDB Sync (Exporter) service: [ OK ]
Stopping vSphere Proxy service: [ OK ]
Stopping SQL Provider service: [ OK ]
Stopping Phurnace Integration service: [ OK ]
Stopping Mainframe Provider service: [ OK ]
Stopping Discovery service: [ OK ]
Stopping Vault service: [ OK ]
Stopping Model service: [ OK ]
Stopping Security service: [ OK ]
Starting local Tideway application services
Starting Security service: [ OK ]
Starting Model service: [ OK ]
Starting Vault service: [ OK ]
Starting Discovery service: [ OK ]
Starting Mainframe Provider service: [ OK ]
Starting Phurnace Integration service: [ OK ]
Starting SQL Provider service: [ OK ]
Starting vSphere Proxy service: [ OK ]
Starting CMDB Sync (Exporter) service: [ OK ]
Starting CMDB Sync (Transformer) service: [ OK ]
Starting Reasoning service: [ OK ]
Starting Tomcat: [ OK ]
Starting Reports service: [ OK ]
Starting Application Server service: [ OK ]
Updating cron tables: [ OK ]
Updating baseline: [ OK ]
[root@addm sbin]#

Found here: http://discovery.bmc.com/community/forum/viewthread/2076/ Based on: http://discovery.bmc.com/confluence/display/83/Rebooting+or+shutting+down+the+appliance