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Blog about everything, mostly about tech stuff I made. Here is the list of stuff I'm using at my blog. Feel free to ask me about implementations.

Soft I recommend
Py lib I recommend

I'm using these libraries so you can ask me about them.

I finally made the comments at this site.

Please use the comments form below any post.
Or leave feedback on the Feedback page if you want to ask a general question.

I use Disqus for comments, you might need to clear your cookies at this site if Disqus fails to load properly.

UPD: Also, I'm saving a lot of data for each HTTP request to get a list of the most common URLs and POST\GET arguments.
It's interesting to see some "smartass" XSS scripts targeting WordPress admin or plugins.


Soon I'll create a view at this site with the TOP list of such kinds of requests.

Interestingly I've updated this module to save just visits counters to be able to see visitors without logging into Google Analytics. I can't use that regularly, because my Pi-Hole cuts it. So, as soon as I manage to add a better sorting in this module, I'll show you this top.

The problem now is that I'm saving successful requests too, and I need to separate them from errors, like 404.